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Sunroof Installation

What can (ASU) American Sunroof & Upholstery of Dallas do for you?

“Let the sun shine in”… ASU offers you the finest sunroofs as well as our unsurpassed installation expertise. Whether you are looking for a manual sunroof or a fully electric model, our products assure you of a larger fresh-air opening, elegant design and high quality construction.

Our sunroofs feature encapsulated, solar-tinted glass panels and flush, tight, aerodynamic fit in all weather conditions. You may choose electric models with single-touch switches, auto-close capabilities, programmable modules and interior matching sunshades.

For the highest in quality and expert installation, let ASU handle your sunroof installation. You can be assured of a competent, professional job and all of our sunroofs are warrantied for the life of your car.

Sport styling is just an added benefit with this highly popular sunroofs. Webasto spoiler roofs are designed to fit into nearly any vehicle offering an extremely large opening for even the smallest vehicle. The glass panel opens up and slides over the roof skin adding a sporty appearance.

Inbuilt sunroofs slide open between the roof of the vehicle and the interior headliner. Complete with an auto close feature and an optional rain sensor, this is the #1 choice of the leading car manufacturers.

Please contact one of our helpful sales staff at (214) 634-0608 for a fast price quote or with any questions you may have.